How to change the domain of the App?

Adding a domain, you own to your Neofin app account lets you manage the domain DNS records with the Control Panel and your domain provider. Domains you manage on Neofin also integrate with Load Balancers and Certbot service to streamline automatic SSL certificate management.


How to connect a domain to a server:


1) Go to your domain registrar

2) Sign in to your account

3) Go to the list of domains

4) Select your domain

5) Create “A” record on the domain ({app_domain}), leave the “name” field empty (@), and put the IP address ({app_ip}) in the “value” field

6) Create “A” record for wildcard subdomains (*.{app_domain}), set the “name” field (*), and put the IP address ({app_ip}) in the “value” field


7) Save “A” records you created


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