What is Neofin?

Neofin is an advanced cloud-based low-code solution. Our modularized (serverless) platform enables your financial institution to create full-cycle loan apps right from Neofin Control Panel. Our crucial mission is to provide a better way to create a custom loan management workflow instead of long-term projects.

We created Neofin with clients in mind, utilizing more than ten years of experience and over 120 successful digital lending projects for banks, credit unions, and financial service providers. By creating a new loan app, you will get access to best-practice templates in each of our modules: from lead management to scoring cards and loan management.

Today, FinTech and digital-only banks worldwide reimagine their lending offerings with digital technologies to drive new revenue streams. As a result, many of them are looking into solutions that are already geared with the POS, BNPL, and LOS to accelerate lending digitization across personal and business loan automation. Neofin is a plug-and-play solution where you can enjoy all the built-in modules using a UI or API from core banking or any other system.

Our Loan Accounting core supports a flexible product engine that enables financial institutions to tailor their loan product portfolio to meet changing market needs. Get your small dollar, PDL, MSA/SBA, hard money, or fix-and-flip loans serviced through the POS, broker POS, website, mobile app, and BNPL widget. Besides, our payoff calculator is compatible with any payment schedule: one-time, installment, or balloon—all by your choice.

Much like many aspects of user lifestyles switch to digital and remote surveys after 2020, lending must join this trend as well if it wants to survive. But it is pretty challenging to create new digital surveys because you want to engage the whole delivery team with designers, developers, and testers on it.

Instead, our website builder is all about “What You See Is What You Get.” For that reason, you can skip many frontend development stages and experiment as many times as you wish.

As a part of the digital experience, user verification requires the highest possible level of automation as well. Automated and remote onboarding helps our customers bring “time to yes” down to minutes and even seconds. At the same time, any human factor gets eliminated thanks to the decision engine. Neofin offers all the tools to deliver a positive KYC experience, accelerate onboarding, and boost throughput by automating profile enrichment, list screening, behavior monitoring, and risk scoring in your customer base.

Launching the lending business with Neofin is a brand-new way for the loan management software industry. All you need is to choose the required modules and set up your lending app using the wizard. After that, your app will be automatically deployed on AWS or Azure, and you can start your lending operations the same day with our product and website templates. 

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