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Buy now pay later (BNPL)


This module provides a set of configuration options to design and create your BNPL widget for e-commerce stores or marketplaces. With that tool, any bank, payment system, or FinTech organization can place lead-catching form at the closest point of customer demand. Today, this demand has seen a surging growth, pushing all kinds of lenders to launch their BNPL products. By combining this module with Neofin Loan Accounting module, you can create a new BNPL service within a day without any development.

Pre-set BNPL loan products and merchant website templates

Decision engine


Bring your “time to yes” value down to 60 seconds using our optimized credit score module. Neofin decision-making flow offers more than 150 attributes. That number includes all possible checking parameters from AML, credit history reports, behavioral scoring based on external data sources, and payment history. Neofin ecosystem comes with all popular loan information data sources such as FICO, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, and other local providers.

Basic scorecard for PDL product



Neofin will track the entire borrower’s journey from the first touch with your loan brand, placing all leads with its sources at the top of your loan pipeline. Backed by the CRM module, you will be checking conversion by sources and opt for the best notification strategy to maximize it. Our lead management tool works with both new and return borrowers for better acquisition and retention rates.

Basic lookups content for app form and loan management

API integrations


This module enables you to combine the APIs required for lending activities—Power BI, SSN verification, scoring, and many other useful tools—in one place. Also, the module supports endpoint customization.






Digital onboarding + KYC 


This module provides all the tools to perform KYC quickly and smoothly: an AI-based 3D facial recognition system, video verification, document recognition, customer application forms, and data verification algorithms.

2D Liveness 


Loan Management System (LMS)


Neofin core module enables any person without programming skills to create loan products with various APRs, fees, and repayment schemas: one-time, classic, or installment. It will be easy to check the performance level for each product and adapt it to the newest circumstances. With that module, Neofin becomes a single source of truth for your loan data. A reliable, secure, and accessible cloud-based source.




Debt Collection


This module will help you optimize your workflow with debtors through various communication channels: voice calls, SMS, IVR, push messages, and bots.

Soft Collection

Site Builder


A flexible visual designer uncovering the whole world of customization options. With our Website Builder, you can let your imagination free and act like a maker creating website pages, application forms, and personal account areas. Feel free to start from a blank list or use the built-in templates we developed for digital lending.

Lending website template

Borrower area templates

Mobile SDK


An API that enables you to launch a mobile app for the end user with minimal effort. The app will make things easier for your customers by allowing them to track the status of their BNPL loans/purchases from the comfort of their homes using their phones.


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